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Qflor stands for quality, originality, exclusivity and innovation. Our products are recognisable through:

Exclusive selection

Qflor products distinguish themselves through the exclusive position in the consumer market and by meeting the highest norms of quality standards.


Products that qualify for the Qflor quality brand are produced in limited quantities by growers that have attained the highest level of productcare.

Quality guarantee

Qflor- members guarantee consistancy, transperancy and pro-active management of all chosen quality products that carry the Qflor- brand.

Newest Qflor products

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    Hydrangea Magical Amethysta

  • image2

    Meijer Avalanche VGB- Award Collection

  • image3

    Fiore Anthurium "Marijke"

  • image4

    Opti-flor Special collection: "Formidablo"

  • image5

    Vanda Special Hybriden

  • image6

    VIP Garden Roses

  • image7

    Azalea Supreme

  • image8

    Roselily by Moerman Lilium

  • image9

    Special Anthurium